Aoe Looting bug and durability

Bug Report
I can't be certain it is bugged because every drop is random, but whenever farming dungeons, doing dailies in TB/Molten front and general questing, in all cases it seems like whenever I aoe loot I receive less greys, cloth and silver. If I loot individually (while the rest of the mob is wailing on me) I seem to get more loot. (eg. receive ave 36s/kill in blackrock caverns, getting same odds for aoe looting 4-5 corpses.)

As for durability, I'm getting 2-8g repair bills for running 1 dungeon as dps using lfg without any deaths and same for pvping in rbg's my repair bills are much higher than pre patch ave 16g per 3 bg's.
Wrong forum I thinks :/

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