Stormrage Facebook Group!

Keep it friendly! Both factions welcome!
gg Ave! On it!
ty ty
I heart Avelade~
Aww thanks baker!
Facebook group is active still!
Just sent a request, totally neat idea!
Approved ya!
what other faction, i havn't seen a horde yet since joining this server, are you sure we have them?
Need more peeps on!
Facebook group for realm for those that don't know!
What's this second faction you speak of?
Muahaha <Opponent> has a horde guild now too!
Looking for more Stormrage peeps to join our realm's facebook group!
Still looking for more to join!
Hm. Former stormrage players allowed?
09/08/2012 10:55 PMPosted by Avelade
Both factions

There's another faction?
cool idea :)
Yes former Stormrage members allowed to join!

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