Ret pallys and there life in mist?

Long time holy pally going dps. Is the life going to be bad or am I going to be able to keep up? I keep doing fine in my !@#$ gear half prot, but I read everywhere that ret is going to be the worst spec in the game.
I've been doing a lot of Cataclysm Heroics, and with almost full heroic or JP bought gear (with the exception of shoulders), I'm always the lowest DPS (aside from the healer). However, I do enjoy playing a ret paly, even with the changes, so I won't switch to anything anytime soon. It's not like I'm totally sucking in those groups (I'll be at like 20.6% and the next person up will be at 22%), but I'm always last in the dps/tank count.
Just returned to my pally... Used to be holy both specs.
Trying Ret now and it seems a lot of fun. Decent dps in dungeons and great in 1v1 'world pvp' so far. Still adjusting to it tho.
Still yet to try the bubble hearth... =D
Ret is fine. Is it OP'd, no. I can't say it's the worst spec either. But to me, the measure is enjoyment. I haven't enjoyed Ret this much in a long time.

If I'm focusing on damage, I can usually keep up with people at my level. I'm usually #2 or #3. Holy Power generation is fast and furious now and it's a lot of fun to see 3-4 divine purpose procs in a row.

But the real fun comes as a support healer. I took Selfless Healer as a talent. And being able to cast an instant, mana free, FoL that hits for 60-100k is just too nice. I usually end up just automatically casting it on the tank, but more than a few times cast it on a random DPS that looks in trouble. Even the healer from time to time. I'll watch my health bars and see who the healer isn't currently healing and pop it. Basically, save the healer 10k-15k mana every 18 seconds. Most healers don't complain about it. I also took Clemency so I can put out a couple of BoPs as needed prior to cool down. And if the tank is taking a lot of damage or the healer falling behind, using WoG is useful as well. Sure, my recount DPS goes down some, but I'd rather be #4 and avoid a wipe than #1 and wipe because the healer couldn't keep up.

Honestly, I like where Ret is right now. Sure, I'd like more, but I'm happy. But I don't raid and I PvP as holy in randoms (I'm a sucker for pain).

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