Skilled Balance Druid Looking for Guild

8/8 HM exp, skilled Balance Druid with Restoration OS, looking for a Heroic Progression Guild for MOP. Currently I have this Druid along with a Frost DK and Hunter who will be geared and ready to raid in MOP. I am not interested in guilds who are forming for MOP or just recently formed. I can raid 9-12pm any day of the week and can be trusted to bring the most to the raid comp I can possibly provide. I would expect the same from any of the other raiders. I am not interested in wasting any ones time and hope you wouldn't want to waste mine. Please reply in game through /whisper, in game mail or reply to this post to contact me.
Hey man, I already posted on your other post.

Again, I implore you to app to Cinder... We will be making a strong push this Tier in 25 man and hope to shoot for server firsts.

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