Bleeding Hollow
What you are trying to say is Bleeding Hollow is the East L.A. of WoW?

That's right. Now the Bloods and the Crips must unite against the Latin Kings and take our East L.A. back mayn

We will take da hood back boys. Let do dis

You are forgetting we are WoW nerds so it would sound something like this...
Other servers on OUR server? Don't they realize Bleeding Hollow is the hood?

Send them Moon Guard's fat, bloated corpse in a boat tarp. That'll teach 'em.
Those Area-52 douches irritate me trying to gank and needing a BH arena master to their already superior numbers..darn you bestmageus and your frost bomb shatters.
ragnaros.. quelthalas... they should be put in their own battlegroup

Not even their own battlegroup, but their own everything so i wouldnt get the hunters who keep their pets on taunt and pull everything in my low level dungeons.
ONce you go BH...

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