Garrosh Hates Worgen

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So was I the only one to notice in the new novel "Jania Proudmoore: Tides of War" that Garrosh directly beheads one Worgen and is seen standing over another beheaded Worgen by Malkorok? There is ample reason I'm sure, which is that Worgen are SO powerful that Garrosh needed to directly engage them himself, as no one else would have stood a chance. :p

(Also the new novel was amazing.)

(Haven't read yet, but will be soon!)
((This is a double post technically but I wanted role-players perspective on the novel and stuff.))

((Also you should hasten your pursuit to read it, it was so good I spent an entire day reading it from cover to back.))
I just got through that part. Don't think he "hates" Worgen any more than he hates any other Alliance race. Just happened to be who attacked him at the moment. Most of the people Baine killed were humans, but it just happened that way.

Stylistically, it's probably more of a device to have other Alliance races make an appearance in the book.

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