odd bug after you log in

Website Bug Report
I ran into a problem today that I do not have the ability to get around.
I am stuck posting on this toon only untill the problem is fixed.

The problem is once you log in to the site, your toon of choice is in the upper right corner of the page where it should be but you do not have anyway to change it to any other toon on the account or accsess its post history.

The toon name is over top my real name, and that little arrow pull down menu next to the toon name don't work anymore.
It is also showing the forum icon for the toon in the upper right instead of the toons head shot.

I am using internet explorer 8 with windows xp 32 bit
I have had the same problem for the last 2 weeks with no change. For some reason I am only able to change my character at my work computer but not the one at home. I haven't changed anything on my computer. I run Firefox at home and IE8 at work. I am not going to stop using Firefox just to switch the toon I post on, it shouldn't be necessary.

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