New to Area 52, looking for a guild (horde)

Area 52
I've been a long time WoW Player (since beta), but I always seem to rejoin the game at awkward times. I've recently rekindled my interest and returned to the game, but with a fresh start on a new server (Area 52). I'm not transferring any characters, I'm completely starting over for the most part (aside from my scroll of ressurrection free level 80 Paladin), and I'm looking for a mostly PVE centric guild. I will probably level every class to max so I should hopefully be able to bring something to the guild and I do hope to finally do a substantial amount of raiding.

Prefer something on the large side since my hours are usually a bit weird and max guild level.
Would like a guild that regularly does dungeon runs and raids.
Doing rbgs and such is a plus for when my desire to pvp rises like it does occasionally.
Friendly to newer players since I have probably forgotten quite a bit about the game over the year being gone.
Not a fan of racist and/or troll guilds.

If you could respond here or send an in-game mail to Paradisio I would appreciate it!
We are always looking for more people in <Dishonored>, we are a 25 man raiding guild so good player base, with lots of alts =) so we do lots of other raids too. Hit a member up for an invite if you want in.

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