[H] <Epitaph> on Caelestrasz

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Epitaph is a Horde guild with a long history on Cael. Including a number of realm first achievements.

After many long term players left the game or the realm or just needed a change at the start of Cata, Epitaph nearly died.

A few hardy souls kept on and kept the guild alive, and now we are recruiting for server progression and raiding.

After Cata left us with only 10-man raiding, we now want to rebuild to become Cael's other 25-man Horde Raiding Guild!

To view our history:

For more info on our plans for Mists of Pandaria, visit:

Likewise, if any smaller/newer 10-man guilds are wanting a change, we would happily discuss bringing your players into the fold.

Come and be a part of the rebuilding of one of Caelestrasz' greatest guilds!
What times and days do you plan on raiding?

Just checked/checking website.
Got kids is all and have to wait until they are in bed.

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