Races classes and their diets?

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Just a fun little topic I thought of posting in a rp sense what do you think your diet would be? Like would most night elves be vegan ect.
Lisenne's diet is rather unsavory and we won't go into that. She puts bacon in her bloodmeal, though, because it's the only way to coax her bloodworms out to be rotated for fresh ones. (This comic:
changed my death knight RP forever. You're welcome.)
There are foods other than meat and ale?
My paladin eats typically as a Dwarf would with big, hearty meals filled with meat and some steamed or broiled vegetables. However, he doesn't drink ale so much as reserves them for special occasions like feasts, or during big dinner meals. He prefers mountain spring water and juices to keep him focused.

My hunter hunts and forages for her meals, typically carrying a pack of kitchen supplies and spices with some kindling and fire-starting to cook a proper meal. She's an expert in picking out the choicer bits of meat from a fresh kill and is loathe to leave a corpse out in the middle of the wilderness, preferring to strip it bare and either sell or use the parts for other ends. The meat and plants she forages she tends to preserve with some Gilnean methods for save keeping for quick meals in long missions or extended trips through dangerous territories.

My mage, also being a dwarf, eats much the same as any of her race would, but prefers leaner choices and richer flavors, from her meats to her alcohols. Some conjuring of rich desserts also come into play, usually in the form of cakes or pies.

My rogue is also like the mage, though he usually spends his coin from odd jobs and bounty kills against less savory beasts and otherworldly creatures to obtain it. Being an orc, he typically enjoys elven cuisine and wines, for reasons known only to him. Doesn't mean he won't enjoy a good mug of cheap ale and a haunch of boar meat every now and again.
Renat mainly eats whatever he can fish up/harpoon.
A gnome away keeps the witch doctor away.
night elves are far from vegan. They eat lots of different sea creatures as well as even spiders.

Come over for dinner?
I'm betting pandas regular diet consists of Scarlets!
I bet draenei have to eat quite a bit (especially meat) to keep up their physique.

Avaruu eats a lot, especially meat and fish.
<----Big fan of Darnassian cuisine and tea.
Will eat anything, even if it can talk.
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There are foods other than meat and ale?

I often roll up on others on my mechano-hog and ask for Grey Poupon

I like to grill stuff.

So whatever works with the grill (a lot of things do).
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Like would most night elves be vegan ect.


One of my responsibilities is to feed the sentinels of Darnassus while they're on duty. It's a time-consuming task, but one I'm happy to undertake. It's also a great way to practice your skills. Would you mind helping me with today's meal? Simply take these ribs, cook them near a stove or fire, and distribute them to sentinels throughout the city.
Dloin is traditionally a red meat, bread, potatoes and alcohol kind of Dwarf. However, he does have moments of more refined tastes, which he specifically explored during his short hiatus in the city of Dalaran.
As a former ascetic in a port city, Morwen loves fish.

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