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<The Atlantean Order> Is recruiting a Plate Tank and talented Caster DPS for MoP CORE raiding spots!
Core raid is Tues and Thurs 8:30pm-12midnite. Finished 14th 10man and 18th overall for Cataclysm on Stormrage. Off night raids for mains and alts run almost all other nights at the same time frame.

Our core group went 8/8 heroic by raiding mostly 1-2 night per week.

We are also looking for members. Open recruitment for general membership. Specific raid spots please submit an application at www.theatlanteanorder.guildportal.com

Our current membership consists of players who started in Vanilla or The Burning Crusade and as such we all have the mentality of the old attunements and working hard to have our characters at their very best at all stages in progression which many of the newer generation of players from Wrath and Cata just do not seem to grasp. Our generation also went through all the time that was involved in running heroics and 4 day raid schedules. After all this time we still believe in keeping our toons very fit but we are trying to keep our raid times short and sweet. This takes the old mentality of keeping our toons on edge and coming to raid with a good mindset so we are looking for people with the same history/mindset.
I didn't see an opening for mage but if one opens for a core spot I would really be interested in joining. I like my guild but the raid times don't fit my schedule. If interested id like to get a chance to talk to you in game

Still in need of a plate OT for MOP progression.
Looking for an exceptional OT and Mage for MoP progression raiding. Our OT server xfered with real life friends at Cata end and our mage's work schedule changed. We were server 14th 10man on Stormrage for Cata and 18th overall.

Need OT and caster dps preferably mage for core 10 man progression. Contact me or Trbodsl in game.
Raid times are Tues, Thurs, and Sun nights 8:30-12:00 server.
Core spots guys!! Come get it!! Prefer Plate Off Tank and 1 Caster DPS.
We finished Cataclysm ranked server 18th of 100's of guilds on this realm of 48k+ toons.
465 Mage looking for a good home to raid with. Whisper me in game and we can talk.

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