<Aggressor> (25) newly transferred RBG Guild

<Aggressor> Is a level 25 guild newly transferred to Horde looking to build new teams for RBG's in MoP. We have a Ventrilo server. RBG times still to be determined depending on core team members flexibility. Most likely will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays around 7:30pm server time. There will be multiple rbg teams to compete throughout the week ranging from core team to casuals.
Also looking for Prot Warrior. and Bump.
Prot warriors are in high demand... you will be loved <3
Are you recruiting PvPers looking for a guild that do random premade couple times a week? Because I cant tell right now what time i can make, but definitly looking for a guild that do a ton of pvp right now.

Would play holy/Ret so far.
We are planning on doing almost daily rbgs and some arenas, even though arenas won't be our main focus. In addition to rbgs we also do ALOT of premades. Message me or Varedis in game for more info.
Im currently looking for a rbg guild or team for my bm hunter thats 2700+ ratting on arthas US server, i also have a frost dk /blood FC thats 2800 current ratting for rbg...these are the 2 highest rbg toons on arthas server...looking for 2400 + ratting teams that are looking for either of my toons, will consider transfering guilds if i find the right group! pst me in game or email me at jrscolieri@hotmail.com. thanks ( ps also have 2k warrior as well )

borimeere is bm hunter
Siddiusz is DK

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