herald of the titans

Earthen Ring
Hello ER,
I am looking for some people who would want to do herald of the titans with me. I have my druid in almost a full tank set for it. All I ask is a lvl 80 with an iLvL as close to 226. Make sure you don't have gear that will ruin it. If anyone would like to do one let me know. Shooting for the Saturday before MoP!
Running it with people on Thrall server. Saturday 22nd
Bump? No one wants to do this on this server? If so there is still 2 weeks before it happens. Just post if so.
I have an alliance DK!

..but you're horde.
We could all group cross server. This is the toon I will be running on. After about 24 hours of gearing I am a little over half way done. I plan to tank it, and have solid practice with the fight. If anyone needs a Blood DK for Herald, you can contact me on either Calliathe or Lockeheart, my shaman who is also on Moon Guard.
You all should use openraid.us to do this. Thats how I got my herald.

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