Any H or A guilds that start raid 11pm ST?


I am curious if anyone could provide for me names of guild(s) that raid at 11:00 PM Server Time on this realm (Or even slightly later. Not earlier though). Horde and Alliance.
I live in Eastern Canada and my time zone is GMT -3. I work nights (12am~8am) so my schedule is that more fitting for a realm that is GMT +7 but seeing as (as far as I know) there are no realms where server time is +7 or around that figure, Oceanic is the best I can do with +10 hence my inquiry.

Upon the requested information I'd take my little task into finding a new realm to the next step: Guild recruitment.

Thanks for your assistance.

Game Øver are a +8 gmt guild. We raid from 11 server time mon, wed and thurs. This becomes from 12 server time during daylight savings as we are WA based and clocks don't change here. We're also recruiting.

Check out
09/09/2012 02:05 AMPosted by Blãzer
Ya my mums got a H DS gruop down her pants go have a look

Thanks random troll player buddy. Free bumps are welcomed.

and @ Klampz. I will check it out. Thanks.
Is Game Over 10 or 25 man?? Never noticed you before >.>
10m according to the lengthy bit I read on their website.
We're 10 man. We've been in hibernation since feb. Yeah, the blurb is wordy but hey we like to type. And the 3/8 HM is from when we stopped raiding in feb! We did a first run in ages with some trials and pugs on thurs and did 6/8HMs with 1 wipe, would have done more but a pug left at spine so we cleared on normal.

We were 6/7HM (4/7HM pre nerf) in FL when current and cleared 8/8 in the first raid week on DS. Would be more progressed but for reallife causing us to go on a sabbatical. We are set up specifically for a 10 man raiding team.
09/09/2012 03:06 AMPosted by Cosma
Is Game Over 10 or 25 man?? Never noticed you before >.>

Hey Cosma. We've been around in Frostmourne for a couple of years, originally (before my time) set up as a 10 man only guild in Wrath on Dath', we're just a quiet little guild most of the time of peeps who play late at night.

*sorry for the thread hijack*
Cosma is happy to meet you all!! Welcome back to raiding for MoP!!

*sorry for the thread hijack*

No worries mate. Cheers.
An up for me.
09/09/2012 10:16 AMPosted by Kaejza
An up for me.

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