[A]<Smoke N a Pancake>LF Experienced raiders!

Quick Info: 25 man raiding, 11:30PM-2:30AM Central tues-thursday. loot council.

Smoke N a Pancake
Smoke N a Pancake was formally known as Steel on the server Bladefist during TOC in WOTLK. Within months of the release of Ice Crown Citadel, we had fought our way to the top and claimed that rank 1 server position. Ever since we have strived to do the same. Near the release of Cataclysm, real life events took place that took me, the GM, away from the game for a short period of time. Many quit aswell and just a handful stuck around. Now we are back and pushing progression as hard as possible in Mist of Pandaria with several Saviors of Azeroth and other experienced players. Starting off in MOP we strive to push ourselves to the top as quickly as possible. Steel has always been a 25 man HM progression guild. We are currently pushing recruitment strong to get that 25 man core back into place and push our rank back where it should be.

What you should know
*While Raiding IS VERY important to us, so is maintaining an organised, vibrant and drama free Guild Environment.
*We are located on a very active server, with constant trade chat raids, stable economy, with also a very strong group of PVP players. (A-Korgath)
*We are very strict on our attendance. We dont plan to hold a bench, so keep your spot in the core simply by showing up.
*We raid 11:30PM-2:30AM Central Tues-Thursday. All days are mandatory.
*We expect everyone to be online and ready to go at 11:15PM Server. Flask, food, ect.
*YOU are expected to know your class inside and out. Not just your primary spec. We expect that you keep up with solid research and changes to your class. We cant push your buttons for you, but we can see when you are not pushing them correctly. In a interview, you should be able to explain stuff to us about your class and spec.

We are recruiting for MOP. The best 25 will always go, so do not hesitate to apply even if your class is closed.

Do not apply IF!
*You cannot make the time commitment to raid with 90% or greater attendance.
*You have issues in real life that randomly take you away from the game.
*You have little to no heroic raiding experience.

How do you get loot?
You will go through an untimed trial period upon receiving acceptance. This could be anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your performance, attendance, and attitude during raids. Everything we do revolves around the success of the raid and the guilds progression. We use an unbiased loot council and all drops will be sent toward helping out the raid as a whole with the factors of that persons dedication, time with the guild, and performance. Loot is always distributed to what we feel is best for the raid.

If you like what you have seen so far, please put in an application. Your first impression will be made with the app itself so be creative, show us what you're made of, and put in as much effort into your app as you would in any raid you would expect to attend. Again, we're always accepting exceptional applicants even if your class is closed.

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