Greetings Try Hards

Hi, I'm a new transfer to the Kel'Thuzad server for alliance.

I'm a "try-hard" like most of you. I will join or create pre-made BGs only (even if we are not getting any honor until MoP. After all, that is what makes us hardcore leet! tee hee!)

Even though my pre-made probably sucks, I'm going to try hard and act like I'm an elite WoW player because I'm on Kel'Thuzad alliance.... and I don't want anything that might ruin my eReputation on a video game!!!

I'm also going to race transfer to human, and make sure 75% of my pre-mades are human races too. Well, not because I really like playing a human in an mmo fantasy, but because they obviously have the OP racial advantage right now. I mean after all, to be leet and among the best you've just got to be the best.

I/We will also not be accepting _________ class/spec into our teams, because we read on ElitistJerks that those were the weakest current PvP combos right now. And we don't want anything to diminish our chance of victory and fame. ElitistJerks is like our bible.

I'd also like to give a shout out to my "sister" realms Icecrown and Frostmane. You guys too, are filled with thousands of try-hards like myself and fellows on KT. I appreciate all your premades and wanna-be elite alliance players from all around the world competing to be noticed. You really, really try, and we all appreciate it!

Now, I know I've offended a lot of you and will be attacked and flamed for my 100% brutally honest post. Its ok, one day you will be able to proudly post on your resume (not the part about being a waiter or bartender) but in your KSA, you can state that you were once a KT Try Hard and had XXXX RBG or XXX Arena rating and accomplished XXXX in HM. We are all proud of you, we really are.

I hope to see you all in Stormwind soon!
You wrote quite the paragraph for no one to to care about. Grats.
09/06/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Dodgie
You wrote quite the paragraph for no one to to care about. Grats.
You seem pretty upset about these try-hards. Maybe you should truly try-hard and then maybe you'll actually fit in somewhere! :O
09/06/2012 11:19 PMPosted by Dodgie
You wrote quite the paragraph for no one to to care about. Grats.

You don't care but took the time to log in and respond (both of you).

Obviously when the basement dwellers hear the summoning, they crawl out and respond. You guys are still Try Hard Wanna-Bes, and the fact that people call you out on and you seem agitated makes it even funnier.

Especially you Akhiro. Go Elevate your game to another level. KT alliance is srs bsns.
ArenaJunkies is like our bible.

Just a PVE nerd crying.. nothing to see here
Actually attempting to play a video game to fullest? Who would have thought up such a strange concept.
I'd offer a retort making fun of your realm but I've never heard of it, sorry.

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