What is the coolest/best looking staff?

I LOVE my current staff but I was just wondering what you guys think are some cool looking staves! I think I want to collect them. :) Thanks! Also sorry if there is a thread like this already.
Journey's End
Twisted Visage
Ghost Iron Staff <- i love this one. the cat face pulses and glows
Origin of Nightmares
Staff of the Plaguehound
Soulkeeper gives off a really nice glow to your character

there are many more but i like these :>
Oh those are so awesome!! thanks!! I love the cat one. :)
My all-time favorite staff is Ogre Mage Staff, but I've never had an opportunity to use it. It hasn't fit with any of my transmog sets. And now I think I'll never get to use it, because I've basically switched to a priest as my main and it's obviously a druid staff.

The staff I'm currently using for my druid is Corrupted Blackwood Staff. It's nice and simple.

For my priest, I'm planning to eventually use either Medusoid Staff or Tower of the Mouldering Corpse, depending on which direction I go in transmogwise.

I also like Rod of the Sleepwalker and Moon Staff of Elune.
Staff of the Verdant Circle - leafy lvl 18? SFK quest staff
I've always been fond of Staff of Trickery, especially if you can transmog it along with the Ulduar 10m Tier set.
[item="Terestian's Stranglestaff" /]

My guild still occassionally organizes runs to get people a squidstick.
Witch-hunter, though it is technically a polearm. Check out Icy Veins though, it displays all of the staves available to druids for "shopping".
Witch-hunter, though it is technically a polearm. Check out Icy Veins though, it displays all of the staves available to druids for "shopping".

I love Witch-Hunter's Harvester.
Thanks everyone!! I love all of these! Also thanks Jozie for the tip!!
Terokk's Shadowstaff

and the all time favourite, Fandral's Flamescythe
I can't believe that the Exodar Life Staff hasn't been mentioned yet. The most beautiful staff of all time!
To me, this staff SCREAMS tauren feral druid. Staff of Feral Furies The tribal look, the flaming cat's head in the center... I think it's Horde only, though.
Pillar of Ferocity

The graphic on the website doesn't do it justice. The flowers bloom and stuff. It matches tier5 perfectly (shoulders also have blooming flowers).

There's also the one from Sunwell.
Stanchion of Primal Instinct

And SSC.
Wildfury Greatstaff
Love the Ghost Iron Staff

You could grab the mock PVP staff Ethereum Life-Staff
Or if you fancy a felhunter on your back chomping Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer
Honestly I think the most beautiful staff is from Rag Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation
ya i forgot what it's called but there is a staff you can get from the pvp honor vendor in SW its really nice i want it for my priest but it takes level 60 1 more level to go and i got it :D
Can't believe no one has mentioned Terestian's Stranglestaff yet!

Tentacles of doom! DOOOOOOOM!

Edit: aaand, it's a thread from 2 weeks ago. Oh wellz.

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