Emerald Tavern Pt.2

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Ok everyone, you know the rules, if you need something ask me or Zaralirra.
/gets a broom
/sweeps the floor
Slow day?
/heads to the kitchen
/comes with plate with cookies on it
/sets them on the counter
/heads off somewhere else
I run the Emerald Tavern, this is part 2 of it, the rules are on the first one, check it if you want..
WoW!!! Cookies!!!

/noms a cookie!!!
I never knew my kind loved cookies so much..
09/07/2012 04:40 PMPosted by Tanthe
I never knew my kind loved cookies so much..

Who doesn't like cookies? My favorite are my mom's homemade chocolate chip breakfast cookies (they are made with wholegrain flour). I loved it when she made them and I could actually eat a giant cookie for breakfast!
Wow I love my mom's homemade cookies, she addes alot of butter in hers though.

My imp stole the last batch that I made... I chased him all over Silvermoon City, but by the time I caught him he had eaten all my cookies... Do you have any wine made with thistle to go with those cookies?
/hands her Thistledleaf wine
Oh hi Zero..
*Walks in with packfull of traffic cones.*

*Sits on stool.*

*Puts 2 and 2 traffic cones together then starts to eat it and reads at same time.*
I'm confused and this thread is full of elves.
You can either go to the roleplay forums or to Gaia. These kinds of threads are very welcome in the latter.

Here you just look weird.
Its not RP, its Gen Discussion regulars.

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