HLH Recruiting all for mop

We need raiders for MOP

With Cataclysm coming to an end many raiders have decided that they don't want to raid anymore. Due to this we are now recruiting all classes and specs for our main raiding team. We will consider everyone as long as they are gemmed and enchanted properly, and have an understanding of how there class is played. As far as Cata content goes we had progressed 5/8 H on the same pace as most other semi-hardcore raiding teams, and haven’t continued due to moving guilds and losing valuable players. We are hoping to have a raid team in time for MOP raiding that is capable of clearing normal modes and progressing well through the heroic content. If you are new to raiding or have been away for a while don’t hesitate to put in an app.

About Us

HardLikeHeroic is a semi-hardcore 10-man raiding guild on the US-Turaylon realm. Our core team has been raiding together since Firelands where we went 6/7H before Dragon Soul dropped. Currently we are 5/8H in Dragon Soul. We strive to push heroic content, while at the same time realizing that we aren't going to down every boss on our first pull. We provide a casual raiding atmosphere and raid on weekends to avoid absences because of work related things. We formed when our mother-guild went horde and haven’t done much raiding since although we plan repair and prepare ourselves for MoP Raiding. So here we are...

What we expect:

All players are expected to pull their weight, and do their job every raid.
You should have the best available pre-raid gear for normal modes/best available normal mode gear for heroic mode.
We expect you to gem and enchant appropriately with the best available materials.
High attendance rate. We realize there is life outside of WoW, and that things come up, but you must realize that nine other people are counting on you to show up. Please let us know ASAP if you are going to late/absent from raid so we can locate a backup.
Come prepared with any consumables you need to perform your best. We do provide some in the guild bank and from cauldrons.
Show up on time, invites go out 15 minutes before raid.


Loot distribution is by loot council, we give gear out based on how it will best improve the raid team. When two or more players need the item equally, they are asked to /roll. Likewise, mounts/vanity items go to the highest /roll unless prior arrangements have been made. The loot distribution could possibly change based on what our new team thinks about it.

Raid Times (Server EST):

Friday: 8pm - 11:59pm. Sometimes Longer
Saturday: 8pm - 11:59pm. Sometimes Longer
Sunday: 7pm - 10pm. Sometimes Longer

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