Hi Blackrock.

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Hi Bart
I like your green.
09/09/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Frontear
Madsniper still hangs out in ironforge and at the bottom of the great lift ganking lowbies.

wish I could find madsniper/luke...
hi there
I remember the good old days!

Sniper do you remember me ? - Fura from Hitsquad & No Maam.
hey fura !
i remember you from HS yeaaarrrrs ago,

i waved at you yesterday at golden lotus dailies on my warrior (cringee)
Hi Sniper,

Yeh Hitsquad was the beeeez neeeeez :) miss that guild :(

I remember the warrior :) - Your not playing Horde anymore ??

Hope things are well mate!
HS! Miss that guild :(
<Fun and Games>
Altherius! how are you my friend ? Glad to see you still play!

Iced was a funny troll rogue :) - didnt he ninja loot stuff or something lol ?
can you shutup bart
Hey Fura, yeah glad to see you still play too :) I'll have to pop onto one of my Blackrock characters and say hi sometime. I only just left Blackrock this week, faction was too dead nothing there for me anymore unfortunately =/ Hung in there for 8 Years though and was sad to go.

How's things?
Hey Altherius,
Sad to see you go mate :(!
Yeh rerolled horde as you probably knew... I had Quizak while I was raiding in Hitsquad as Fura.
Yeh I hear that blackrock is pretty dead which sucks, Ive just come back this expansion to play again... so everything is still new to me :)

Make a horde toon & come play with me & u 2 too sniper :P
Yep still on Blackrock after all these years.

Big shout out to any Eminence, Eminence II, Hitsquad or Restricted Eighteen members who happen to stumble into this thread!

It's actually not so bad tbh, it only sucks the AH is kinda empty.
I remember Paranoid :)

How are things mate ?
I miss all the old Indoor Kids/Just Wipe it guys... :(

No doubt blackrock had some of the best guilds in wow in my book :)
vF parries, Stubba, TDM wiping to Medio? on the BWL orb, AQ gong drama, Kavita & her bow of searing arrows. Booty and OUTNUMBERED, Iced, Eminence cascading MC, Quit Squad, Inquitsition, Hirohiro, that troll rank 13/14 rogue that was TERRIBLE, TAKE THAT MEDIO, Lancel, etc etc etc.

Also, hi.

FACTUAL EVIDENCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MpONrcC9m8
also convincing people this was me: http://s118.photobucket.com/albums/o81/Cellskii/?action=view&current=chillen.jpg

also snuffie being cutest gnome on br: http://s118.photobucket.com/albums/o81/Cellskii/?action=view&current=thugzzzz.jpg

Damn, I haven't thought of Leatlance in AGES.

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