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I have been speaking to friends who seem to agree with some of my thoughts as far as keeping pvp and pve balanced with skills and cc. my 1st thought was with Warriors slam at the moment has been made an instant attack from its former cast time but comes at a price of 30 rage which makes slam in some ways redundant or useless next to heroic strike, maybe if slam cost less rage it may be worth using.

My other thought is about CC with pvp and keeping pve in mind. I believe most cc abilities need to have a cd and this would be fine as you are never going to spam polymorph in a raid. so why should you need this in pvp so its just not needed to have the ability to cc spam I think it does need a cool down same with cyclone, fears and so on.

it would be interesting to see other ideas and see also if blizard takes these into consideration for the actual expantion
I completely agree. There needs to be more balancing. I see that alot has been done for the coming expansion, but a little more work could be done. So.. I would like to both thank Blizzard for their effort and request as a customer that more be put toward balancing.

Low level PvP isn't balanced, and will never be balanced.
The 5.0.4 patch made level 85 'low level'.

PvP will be balanced around the first month or 2 of level 90. Some extremely powerful classes will be nerfed, some fairly powerful classes won't be.
this is a good point that you noted but it slightly off track to my 1st points where I was informing people about changes that should be made. as I said slam is now useless unless you have about 80 rage. and any type of cc cast that is spam able should have some sort of cool down. if anyone else seems to notice anything that at the moment seems to need fixing they should list it.
If it will be useless at 90 still, then yes that is a problem and should be fixed. The idea of a cast time on a melee-only ability is terrible, and the lack of it on other classes/specs proves it.

It's an objective issue with warriors, rather than my subjective warrior issue of not liking Colossus Smash :P (Yeah, Colossus Smash alone made me not like the post-wrath warrior)
I completely understand you dislike colossus smash but look at it this way, warriors will only crit for 15k max without it, but you disliking col smash is the same as me hating deep freeze esp now that all mage specs can use it, (dumbest thing bliz ever decided to do for mages) in my opinion lol
atm a mage can poly morph, into a ring of frost, then hardcast pyroblast follow through with an impact stun then frost nova deepfreeze and boom target is mia lol
09/14/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Exiovus
atm a mage can poly morph, into a ring of frost, then hardcast pyroblast follow through with an impact stun then frost nova deepfreeze and boom target is mia lol

Such a thing isn't good imo. While it is good that Deep Freeze appears to no longer counts as a freeze where Shatter and Ice Lance are concerned (so the freeze is consumed by a stun), the proc damage of Pyro is too high. Fire needs less control if it's going to have a high damage capability.
The 3 second stun on combust was unnecessary, and if they want to stop healers from simply loldispelling combust, then why not make a 3 second inability to dispell?
swifty saw this in his video :DDd
09/18/2012 08:03 PMPosted by Ujave
swifty saw this in his video :DDd

fanboy spotted

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