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I have been a healing officer in two guild Bohica and Advent. Progressed 6/7 Hm FL and did 8/8 HMDS I can't remember what %nerf when I did either like 15% or 20% also did BWD and To4W and Bot but full clear all on normal and only heroic Halfus. I am looking for a guild who raids 11pm PST - 3am PST or sometime around that I have all classes and am an active guild member always doing dungeons and helping out. I have farmed my monks 2 professions so i can power lvl to 525 and have to raf accounts ready to grant to lvl 80 and all gear farmed out ready for mop will be ready to raid on mistweaver monk after first week and ready to progress I am ok with 10m or 25m looking for a semi-hardcore but also fun guild but when its time to raid !@#$ gets serious.
I am willing to transfer realm and faction if need be if it seems worthwhile.
Hey there, We're interested in monks with Beta Experience. I dont know how our times will work for you but we raid 9:00pm - 12:30am Fridays and Saturdays PST, you'd be expected to be on 15 minutes before raids. We're 8/8H in 25s. We'd relatively hardcore, we have the same expectations as other Progression guilds except we only raid 7 hours a week, so we discuss most of our raid related stuff like strat changes, feedback and discuss new ideas through our forums instead of wasting time during raids. Outside of raids we are fairly laxxed and friendly, we run old content, plan alt runs, even on occasion do stuff in other games.

If you're interested you can check out our website @ Http://burn-phase.com where you can find information relevant to the guild. If you have any other questions or enquiries feel free to contact me via real-ID (the-dark-alliance@hotmail.com) or add my battletag (Alemenara#1239).

~GM of <Burn Phase>
I like your raid times but do you think raiding 2 nights a week is enough for progression? Well I understand for like the first couple weeks it should be more then enough due to the fact there is only one raid out for the first 3 weeks of MoP and the first week of raiding you can only do Mogu’shan Vaults.
Currently the top raiding guild on Dreadmaul-Horde, Cruelty is recruiting players to improve our roster further for the drive in to MoP. We are currently trying to recruit a few extra players to fill out a 25 man raid roster to compete for high oceanic ranks!

Created in Wrath, Cruelty has always striven to clear all current content in a timely manner. We recently achieved a Realm First Madness kill to secure our spot at the top of Dreadmaul for the remainder of Cata. We are currently in a great position to be the realm first guild again in MoP.

Guild Achievements:
11/12 HM 25 ICC
12/12 HM 10 ICC
13/13 HM Tier 11
7/7 HM Firelands
Realm First Madness of Deathwing 8/8 HM
Currently after a few different classes, however, especially interested in the following:
Melee: Warrior/DK/Sham preferred
Ranged: Mage/Boomy preferred
Heals: Only exceptional healers will be considered.
Monks: Taking on monk applications, please have some logs from your current raiding character ready to show us.

Applicants will want to have experience in some HMs before apping and a few log parses to show us. Please take a few minutes when you app to put some effort in as this really seperates good apps from bad ones.

BattleTag: Thrael#1884
Officers: Thrael, Zaliaa, Illusion
Web: www.cruelty-guild.com

My RealID: wilkxx@hotmail.com

Looking forward to chatting with you!
Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established 8/8HM 10man guild in Dreadmaul. Our group3 raids from 11pm to 2am Server Time on every Wed, Thu and Mon. We are alss looking for an experienced raid officer for this group. If you find the above suit your situation, you can contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com.
I'm looking to be in the core team and am a serious raider.
Ajantis-guild.com has space for a well experienced mistweaver re roll, I feel our guild philosophy and raid times will suit you perfectly.
im going to have to ask u to settle the F&*GE down mushins
hey if ya still looking let me know in game mail on this toon
Hi, my apology for not vetting my post properly. Our group1 is keen on a monk healer and we raid 11pm to 2.30am ST on every Wed, Thu and Mon. Please contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com to have a chat on whether we have a match.
Hows it going mate.

< Catalyst > is a semi-hardcore 8/8H DS10 Aus/Nz raiding guild on Horde - Frostmourne and we are currently looking for a Leather/Mail Healer for our new MoP team.

Our raid times are:
Wed/Thur/Sun: 8:00pm st - 11:00pm st.

Our goals include hardmode progression and farming in Tier14, including mount and meta collection - with our end goal being the new cutting edge feat of strength achievements. Our group aims to be serious whilst laidback, successful and fun - which to me is what the game is all about.

I am unsure if our times and raid nights are suitable for you or not but either way feel free to contact me on RealID if interested to discuss the finer details of your Monk including beta experience and powerleveling:


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