{H} Disc/Holy Priest LF MOP

Burning Legion
I am returning to the World of Warcraft after taking the last eight months to graduate, buy a house, etc. Previously i raided through December with my previous guild which left me with a taste for DS but not enough time to have Heroics or logs from the encounters. I am looking for a guild in need of a full time Discipline/Holy priest who will never miss a raid and always come fully prepared with knowledge and personal consumables. I would enjoy a guild with like minded players who are looking to achieve server firsts and to steadily progress into MOP. Please feel free to leave a comment with questions or contact information. Thank you for your time!
My raid schedule is open
Monday-9pm CST
Tuesday-open all day
Weds-9pm CST
Thurs-9pm CST
Friday-open all day
Sat-open all day
Sun-open all day

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