[A] March1 HDW team,raids x2weekly,recruiting

We're the Part-Time All-Stars team under the Non Combat Pet banner and we're currently looking for a Tank or DPS. We cleared madness heroic on March 1st on our 2-day a week schedule.

Non Combat Pet has been the server first guild the entire Expansion with noteable kills like the #1 US 10man Ragnaros heroic kill. It's a wonderful guild full of very talented and friendly people, with 5 official teams making for plenty to do. (All teams are run separately by separate people)

Here's the link to our site

WoW Progress

This particular team (Part-Time All-Stars) raids two days a week, we get done what it takes other teams all expansion to do - by being prepared and doing our homework for encounters.

Our times: Pacific (west coast) time zone.
Thursday 6:30pm- 10pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

In T12 we downed Heroic Ragnaros while it was current content (never straying from 2 days a week), and DS the first week of the 10% nerf to come in top 100 US. Did I mention we only raid twice a week?

You can look me up in game on Justus (or send me in-game mail) for a friendly pre-application evaluation. We're all very nice people and do our best to always be polite/upbeat while getting the content down, LGBT friendly is a must for this server.


Justus#1571 - battletag
Please put in the note it sends your toon name/server and that it's about recruiting :O!
Still tank hunting =O
A bump for tank hunting.
good morning, still looking.
bump for evening tank hunting
A bump for tank hunting.
A bump for those just off from work, and for tank hunting.
I've been a tank with this raid since T11 and I really can't say enough good things about it. The guild, too! If you're the kind of tank who loves progression, theorycrafting and getting the most out of your class/role in a limited amount of time, this is the team for you.

The raid and guild have some of the most talented players you'll find who are also very nice and fun to be around. If you're a good, mature tank who likes racking up boss kills, you're doing yourself a disservice passing this opportunity up.
bump for tank hunting.
Hey we're still recruiting an experienced tank.
Some post upping for tank hunting.
Just giving this thread a little exercise.
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We're looking for Tank OR Dps, due to having someone in group interested in the tank spot.
looking for a good tank or dps(Mage or moonkin)

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