Ravenholdt in Pandaria, Progression Anew

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<Relapse> has full cleared Mogu'shan Vaults with a Will of the Emperor kill last night.
<Victoria Vel Nex> killed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
<Victoria Vel Nex> killed The Spirit Kings
The Sentinels started raiding tonight....

The Stone Guard went down on the last pull of the night.

All Sent kills will be 10/10 guildies.

Lord Revos and his minions from <Renaissance> defeated Elegon.
<Relapse> killed heroic Stone Guard earlier this week. Grats to <Fired> on the H Feng kill!
Rise of the Night Moon downed The Stone Guard (10-man).
I've been forgetting to post here. >.>

Ambition killed Stone Guardians and Feng the Accursed two weeks ago. This past week, we killed Gara'jal and the Spirit Kings. We're now 4/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults.

[edit] This is 10 man.
Rise of the Night Moon downed Feng also (10-man).
Nephilim finally killed Elegon, 25 man.
The men and woman of Renaissance have killed Will of the Emperor.
<Relapse> has killed Heroic Feng.
Indelis downed Stone Guard on the normal difficulty.
Legacy of the Sun got back into the swing of things, downing Stone Guard and Feng in our first night back in raids.
<Relapse> has killed Imperial Vizier Zor'lok in Heart of Fear.
Sentinels have Feng down.
<Relapse> has killed Blade Lord Ta'yak and Garalon in Heart of Fear.
Rise of the Night Moon downed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (10-man).

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