[H] Dynamic duo looking for weekend raids MoP

Hello there!

We are a married couple, both experienced players and looking for a semi-casual guild that will be running weekend raids in Mists. We have been on Hyjal for a few months now, and we enjoy the server. We would like to put down some roots and start integrating with a new group for the launch of the expansion.

We prefer good people and positive personalities to fast progression. Progression is awesome, but it shouldn't come at the expense of real life. The ideal guild would move at its own pace, and not be overly concerned with realm rankings.

Weekend raids are necessary since my wife just started a new teaching job. Our playtime is fairly high, but we like to keep our weeknights free from obligation. Also, we live in CST which makes meeting "standard" weeknight raids difficult for us here.

We believe that the onus is on the player to keep up to date with their class and spec, to perform at the best of their ability, and to demonstrate consistent attendance and preparedness. That's what you will get from us, and we would like to be part of a team where we can expect the same.

We are talented players who have been playing this game for a long time, but we're also quite humble. We tend to shy away from excessive elitism, and guilds who feel the need to police their members, or micro-manage down to the last gem. We want to find a home where we are trusted to get the job done.

She'll be playing her Shadow Priest as her main in Mists. She's extremely strong DPS with a Holy off-spec that she is quite proficient at playing. She's always ready to help out when heals are short, but overall she would prefer to DPS.

I'm still on the fence about what I wish to play, and would be willing to talk with you about what your guild needs. I have a couple of max level characters and a few alts in progress, any of whom could be 85 in time for Mists. I am an experienced raid tank and a high-performing DPS, with limited raid healing experience.

If you'd like to talk to us further, please leave a way to get in touch. Since I spent a lot of time typing this out, I'd enjoy a non-copy/paste response.

We are looking forward to your reply!

K & J
kasual is most likely recruiting, they are a very stable guild with mostly 25-35 year old couples who devote 50 hours a week to playing this game, ~ give or take


i think they are gonna push for some server firsts (lol)

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