[H] Delirium,1/6 Heroic MV,LF Melee w/OS Tank

<Delirium> Korgath

Currenlty 6/6 in Normal MV and 1/6 in Heroic MV.

We're a 10 man raiding guild that focus on heroic progression. We raid
6 hours per week, but we get things done faster or equivalent to those
who raid 3-4 days a week.

Raid Schedule:
Tues/Wed from 9:30pm-12:30am Server Time

Past Progression:
FL: 6/7 H
DS: 8/8 H

We are not recruiting for any bench raiders, all spots are for CORE raider status.
Recruiting: It is preferred that you have heroic progression experience.
Warlock: MED
Rogue: HIGH
Shaman (Enhancement): MED
DK (Frost/Unholy with Blood OS): HIGH
Paladin (RET with Prot OS): HIGH
Warrior (Arms/Fury with Prot OS): HIGH
Mage: LOW
Hunter: LOW
Druid (Moonkin): LOW
Priest: LOW

All skilled players are welcomed to apply.

Our current core raiders (6-8 people) have been raiding together for
nearly 1 year.

Attendance: We only raid two days a week, so 90% attendance is required.

To Apply:
Send an in-game mail to Smushÿ (alt 152) with: your real id, class, and heroic progression.
406 hunter 8/8 hm ds.
been raiding since bc
Colds, send an in-game mail to Smuchie with your real id.
Me along with 2 other friends have transferred from Firetree and are looking into finding a new raid group. One is a hunter and the other is mage. I'd heal and have an enhancement off-spec that I can both play very well. We finished all of heroic dragon soul in April, 4th on our server (equivalent to 14th on Korgath I think). If you guys are willing to push your time back to 9:30-12:30 then we can make the raids, or rather I can as I would be home by then. Here's the armory of the other two:

Mage (Okwhatever):

Hunter (Deadlegend):

I also send you an in-game mail, let me know.
402 arms/fury war pre MoP
Raiding off and on since BC on various toons

Sent a mail already, just want to make sure you see it.
Protection warrior here! Will send details when I get back home ;)
Do you need feral MS and Guarian OS (can reverse).

I have heroic experience in all expansions and can also heal as well; I live the druid ways.

I will update armory with PVE gear as well.

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