Experienced WotLK Raider LF Raiding Guild

I'm looking for a raiding guild for the upcoming MoP, I didn't like cata and had to focus on year 12 at the start so I quit in january last year. I raided on Jubei'Thos in Wrath. Smashed ICC in a guild called DaKine, 12/12 N & HM etc

I know my class and I'm looking for a DPS position for MOP. Hardcore/Casual it doesnt really bother me, I'd just love to raid in MoP.

PS: Don't judge this toon since I only hit 85 a few days ago

I'd dare most of the raiding guilds have their own forums (or at least a post on here) so it might be worthwhile going through a few pages or threads and applying.
Even the recruitment forums could help be proactive and get you one faster.

Best of luck man.

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