[H] <Stratus> [4/6 MV] 10 man Recruiting


[4/6] Mogushan Vaults

Raider Rank: Considering all classes. We are and will always be focused on end-game progression raiding. To cater to this, we maintain a very short list of raiders in order to keep our group as tight-nit as possible. While we are generally full at this time, we are still accepting applications from players who are both raid-geared and have downed the majority of the cata bosses.

If you are interested in joining as a raider, please read the section below.

Social Rank: Recruiting players of all levels
Stratus is currently recruiting players of any and all levels to join our "social" rank. Our plan is to expand our guild to bring create much more vibrant and friendly community for players that are looking to forward themselves in heroics, pvp or simply character leveling. As an added bonus, we present the a weekly prize of 1,000 to our top contributor every Monday night. In addition we have a 500g free roll for all social members.

This rank does not require an application. Please contact Huggybaer, LIRIK or an officer for invite.


Our progression nights: 3x a week Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday from 8-11EST

Raider Requirements

Must have a lot of raid experience, specifically CATACLYSM experience.
Must be able to maintain an 90% raid attendance. On time and ready to raid on schedule.
Must be proactive enough to inform the guild about days they are unable to attend
Must have a good microphone and TeamSpeak
Must have a good Internet connection
Must be willing and motivated to listen, learn and improve
Must be willing to respec when needed
Must be willing to endure wiping. Lots of wiping.
Must be willing to keep their gear enchanted and gemmed
Must be able to maintain a personal cash flow for expenses not covered by the guild bank
Must be able to take CRITICISM. This is a 10 man guild, every single player must give 200%.

We are recruiting ALL classes and we will evaluate each and every applicant.

High Priority Needs:

Holy Paladin / Holy/Disc Priest
ProtWarrior / Prot Pally.
DPS Warrior / Frost DK

Contact me in-game.

Recruiting ALL.

High Priority:

PROT Warrior / PROT Pally
DPS Warrior / Ret Pally
Holy/disc Priest - Resto Shaman
Bump, one of the top 10 mans from first cata tier is back and looking for quality raiders
Looking for a Frost DK or Fury Warrior to complete our 10 man core.

Contact me in-game.
Looking for:

Holy Paladin / Holy/Disc Priest

ProtWarrior / Prot Pally

DPS Warrior / Frost DK

msg me in-game.
Looking for a hunter to complete our 10 man core.

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