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Just recently I have been thinking about rolling a forsaken. Now I understand the object of roleplaying a forsaken is to give off the semblance of death, you want your character to feel dead. That means some emotions you won't have, you will hardly laugh, and you will be color blind. I get that.

I always have a tendency to tell jokes, most time they're not that funny, but some times they can be. After playing through the forsaken starter zone, most forsaken are very serious. I can't see one telling jokes or even having a sense of humor. Is it wrong for me to play a forsaken, and crack jokes with a sense of humor? Or am I better off rolling a different character?
Probably a twisted or dark humor would definitely be able to be pulled off :P I have to be honest, if I were killed and brought back from the dead, I seriously wouldn't be that happy about it. [ I would probably defect from them the second I could, too. I am NOT fond of Sylvanas, ]
But it seriously would be nice to see a unique Undead RPer. Most seem to be srsbsns only plox' or insane.'
In real life sometimes I hide behind my humor. You know the story of the sad clown. I tell jokes to make others laugh, it makes me feel better if I'm depressed. Now for a forsaken would that make sense? Could that even make one of them feel better?
09/08/2012 07:02 AMPosted by Danhalo
you will be color blind

Anyway, back on topic, while I don't think a Forsaken would ever be a goofy, clown type of funny I don't see why one couldn't have a dark or morbid (no pun intended) sense of humor. Undead are raised with their capacity for some emotions (happiness, empathy, etc) reduced, while others (anger, jealously) are magnified- but this is on a sliding scale. While the majority of the race does give in to their darker emotions and end up on the eviler end of the spectrum, some are capable of at least approaching the lighter side (though it should be noted that actually "good" Forsaken are extremely rare to the point that RPing one controversial at best.) This is not to say that it would be acceptable for a Forsaken to go skipping through the fields picking daisies, but making a dark joke now and then is not outside the realm of possibility.
I got the color blind from the jokes they tell "Roses are grey. Violets are grey. I'm dead. And colorblind." I figured that's why their eyes glow. That being undead makes them colorblind.

And I see your point. I might be able to pull off a dark sense of humor.
I agree, a dark sense of humour would be appropriate and nice to see. I say you go for it.
I can certainly see sarcasm and irony type jokes. More dry humor, not necessarily uproariously funny. I say go for it.
In the end Dan, you can definitely do what you wanna do. It's your character, but yeah. A really sun-shiney goofy Forsaken isn't that believable, even if he would be trying to see the bright side. >.<
I have a Forsaken who happens to be monotone, and mostly emotionless save for negative emotions, but he does have a dry sense of humor, mostly outdated jokes from back in Lordaeron or grim jokes. He may feel happiness here and there, but he doesn't gain happiness from colors and joyful things (atleast joyful in most people's eyes.). Colorful things and joyful, happy things just remind him that he's dead and he'll never be that way again. He gains his happiness off of grimness. Not off of being brutal, but off of other people's misfortunes, just so he knows he and his race aren't the only one going through sorrow.

And about the colorblind thing... I suppose forsaken don't really care about colors, hence why they barely maintain their cities. Infact, it is confirmed in science that people's eyes change once they are dead, and lose whatever it is in them that allows them to see colors.

So go for it! I can see a funny forsaken, but aim for grim, dark jokes! If he is a human Forsaken, it could be racist against the Elven Forsaken!
Actually, that's exactly how I Roleplay Enenra as. I usually aim all my roleplaying to make whoever I'm roleplaying with laugh.

But on the other hand, I also roleplay Enenra to be completely insane and mentally broken., so most of his jokes come from the fact that he's disconnected from reality. He's jokes come from the fact that he'll probably approach you and have a very serious conversation about replacing your brain with a gopher, or that one time he made a Dwarf's beard come alive and strangle himself.

So his "jokes" aren't really jokes, more so, the comedy arises from how he acts. If Enenra does end up telling any jokes, they're usually about cannibalism, setting things on fire, and generally darker things.

So there's nothing wrong with telling jokes as a Forsaken, just keep in mind that they will more than likely have a very different opinion on what's funny.

Though, since the Forsaken have the ability to detach their limbs and reattach them by sewing them back together, they make for the ultimate "Need a hand?" joke.
Dry humour, dark humour. Really anything. Would love to see more of this than the usual "I am an undead. mwahahaha"
I always thought that a Forsaken would have a dark, dry sense of humor. XD
The forsaken would have grim, pessimistic, mean, sarcastic sense humor, and not laugh at their own jokes, though perhaps laugh at the disgrace of others. The kind of humor that makes you laugh and depressed at the same time.

09/08/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Fassad
So go for it! I can see a funny forsaken, but aim for grim, dark jokes! If he is a human Forsaken, it could be racist against the Elven Forsaken!

Please, who would find that funny? >.> <.< Undead elves have nothing worth poking fun at. Other than perhaps the banshee screaming... >.>

Everything you need to know.

Make sure to /dance.
Stereotypes are boring. Break the mold.
^ heh. heh.
Vorenth has weird, dry sense of humor. I don't imagine his tone changes much, but he's constantly cracking little jokes -usually at his own expense and they're often a little morbid and gloomy.

Any Song of Ice and Fire fans out there?

Think Dolorous Edd Tollett.

"I never win anything," Dolorous Edd complained. "The gods always smiled on Watt, though. When the wildlings knocked him off the Bridge of Skulls, somehow he landed in a nice deep pool of water. How lucky was that, missing all those rocks?"
"Was it a long fall?" Grenn wanted to know. "Did landing in the pool of water save his life?"
"No," said Dolorous Edd. "He was dead already, from that axe in his head. Still, it was pretty lucky, missing the rocks."

That's Vorenth's type of humor, except he makes more remarks about grave worms and undead-type-stuff.

"The dead are likely dull fellows, full of tedious complaints – 'the ground's too cold, my gravestone should be larger, why does he get more worms than I do...'" – Dolorous Edd <---- as such.

If you read the quests, it seems quite a few of the Forsaken NPCs have a grim, dry sense of humor. No, they're not cheery or optimistic, but some of the crap they say is pretty hilarious, and I imagine they say it very deadpan-esque so many of the other races might not "get" it.
09/13/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Callatham
Stereotypes are boring. Break the mold.

We shall make a new one using your corpse....after a few minor adjustments of course.
How do you feel about a second head?
I have quite the snese of humor.

For a crazy human->Scourge->forsaken->scourge->forsaken.

It is a vicous cycle.

Mr. Callathan I would like to make a mold of that body of yours... I will certanally not break it. ^.^ Some things just never die ;)

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