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Connection Timed Out, that's the error i've been getting for the past month or so, every time I try and log on, that's the error I get, I can do everything else, but use the remote chat, it's becoming annoying. Every now and again i'll get in, but that's once or twice a month, it never works when I need it to. I'm not sure why it's not working, but it's just not working, ever.
I am getting this today
I've been getting it for the past Month and more.
I, too, have been getting this error. I was able to log in and use this feature when it was first released for free, but not lately. I cannot log in to any characters in my guild on kargath-us, but I am able to log in to my guild on deathwing-us.

Also to note, even if the app isn't working, I will be shown as online mobile in-game...but if I were to be sent any whispers, I will not receive them on my phone.

Very frustrating.
Same here with Muradin server how ever Kilrogg Blackwater raiders Stonemaul all work ok with guild chat seems to be tied to the battlegroup? (if they are still named that)
I'm getting this today. I was able to chat in guild just fine yesterday, but this morning im getting the 'Chat Connection Error' on every single character on every realm on my account.

Is there a known solution?
I am getting this as well.
I cannot even connect today — I keep getting "connection timed out".
If you're still experiencing problems with either the Mobile AH or Mobile Guild Chat after the rolling restarts this morning, please let me know.

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