Tabard of the Defilers removed from game

Just thought I'd post something here in case anyone out there is grinding to exalted with the Defilers.

After earning exalted a few days after patch 5.04 went live I went to start the quest chain that would reward the Battle Tabard of the Defilers.

The quest chain was missing, so I submitted a ticket and checked the bug forums for a thread.

Found one.

It appears the quest chain and in turn the tabard we're removed.

There hasn't been an official response from a blue regarding this matter though based on responses from several GM's both US and EU it appears this was stealth removed with no warning.

Wanted to warn all others that are working toward this item that until a formal response is given I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Maybe if there's enough attention given to this matter a response will be given.

See you in the battlegrounds,
I guess it's a good thing I got mine last night from an old quest in my log. O.o
^ this. I hit exalted but never went back to finish the 5 cap for the tabard. Did it about week ago in a random bg, lucked out I guess.
well this is disappointing.

leave it to blizzard to just remove the reward without warning instead of making it even a little bit easier to get AB exalted. I started this character soon after burning crusade came out and im barely into revered with both AB and WSG

wtb war effort 2.0

When the EU forums come back online I suggest having a read through:

Particularly the OP and then a follow up reply from the OP on page 3.

The long story short version is: The OP of that EU thread posted similar to this one, was exalted the day after 5.0.4 - couldn't take the quest. His first 2 tickets were GM's stating that the quest is gone. His 3rd ticket, the GM 'fixed' the issue by logging on to his character and putting the quest in his log. The OP of this thread (almost a week later) now has the tabard equipped.

If a GM was able to do this, I'm going to assume it's a bug or this OP of this EU thread was very lucky.. either way - keep opening tickets and hope you get a helpful GM who answers it =D

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