8/8 heroic guild recruiting for MoP 10M

<Mixed Signals> is relatively new to Stormreaver and while most of our raiders transferred with us we are recruiting 2-3 core spots and a couple rotational raiders if anybody is interested in a more casual raid experience. Those of us who did transfer here together have been raiding a significant time together and we are a fun bunch- if you aren't fun, gtfo of my thread :)

Raid Times: Sunday and Monday 8-11 server (however if progressing on a fight be prepared to arrive or stay 30 minutes earlier or later). Since we raid late in the week raid time are MANDATORY (as I'm sure most raid groups are...) and if you develop any situation where u will be habitually late/unable to attend every week I will replace you after absences.

What we Need:

Death Knight: Blood
Druid: Feral Tank or Resto
Hunter: none
Mage: none
Monk: Brewmaster or Mistweaver (must be lvl 90 by first raid-able week)
Paladin: none
Priest: any
Rogue: none
Shaman: Resto
Warlock: none
Warrior: Prot/dps- must be proficient in both specs

We are going to be aggressively pushing in to MoP so if you cannot handle constructive feedback from officers/Raid Leader please do not apply. On the other hand we do not tolerate rudeness or yelling/screaming/nerd raging at any time- We've found a nice balance and are looking for a couple more people to join our group.

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