LF Late Night Raiding Guild

I've got a few 85s and I'm still trying to finally decide which character I want to run with in MOP.

I thoroughly love PVE and PVP. ... and really just the community and relationships that come with it.

However, life happens, you know. My best times to raid or pvp are the most consistent when it is 9:30pm CST or after.

Are there are any guilds serious about progression that raid during these times?
We're not a PvE guild but I think letting know everyone which class (85) and which spec of each you master could be a good start. It's rare to see stable guild recruting any class/spec especially with the new buff and debuff system.
Rogue - Assassination (Lockz)
Mage - spec unsure... playing frost in PVP (Laughz)
Priest - Disc (Sustainz)
Hey Lockz. First of all, I just want to let you know that I understand where you're coming from. I was once a hardcore raider before real life stepped in during Wrath and put me squarely in the late night crowd. Been looking for a late night raid group ever since. Luckily for me, I happen to have some RL friends in similar situations who were willing to transfer and start building a late night raid guild from a reform guild that was handed over to me when the old GM quit. We're a close knit and mature group of experienced raiders that are looking to push content in MoP. We're not necessarily looking for server firsts, but we plan on clearing hard mode content, and we have the talent to do so quickly. I'd love for you to check out our new website at Toast.guildlaunch.com. Now back to writing our recruitment post! I saw your thread and sympathized, so I had to drop you a line. Also, we're looking at 11 PM CST to 3 AM CST Tues Wed and Sun. And don't let the app scare you off. Our RL is just one dedicated Mofo :)
Forgot to mention, we're all pretty stupid hyped on PvP at the moment, and look forward to building several arena teams and an RBG team in MoP. We've got an RBG lead that's way too easy to make fun of.
Hey there, my newly transferred guild, Deus Et Machina, is looking for a handful of competent players for our 10m core MoP raid group!

Take a look at my thread, and contact me if it's what you're looking for!


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