Experianced Tank/heals/DPS and PVPer LFG

Hey all,

Just came back to game to check out MOP after being away for several months. Looking for a new group to play with. Would prefer a mostly east coast guild for time zones, but am flexible.

Classes I play are Warrior/Druid/Pally Tanks, Shaman/Pally Heals, Lock/Warrior/Shaman/Pally/Druid DPS

Warrior has been my main for a while but still debating what I will play in MOP.

Looking for a group that also does RBGS/PVP.

Still Fly would be interested in you being a Ele shaman for our 10 man raid group. We would be raiding 9:30 Pm to 12:30 Am EST if that's ok with you. If interested, hit me up in game and we'll talk more.
Winter is Coming is looking for a healer and tank at the moment. Prot Warrior or Guardian Druid/Resto Shaman would be nice.

Tuesday: 8:30 - 11:30 eastern
Wednesday 8:30 to 12:30 eastern

apply at wic-guild.com if interested

Choke is looking for a Warlock DPS and a Shammy Healer/Dps for our main group. Please add me on real id, my battle-tag is Velosi#1508

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