starting out and looking for a crew

Hello Good and Gentle Folk of locker #... no wait. Heyas Lightbringer!!!

I am new to the game, (still have less than 10 characters!) My top 3 are all around 14-17 Horde Warriors on Hyjal. Thought I should look at alliance, and I heard Lightbringer is a good server for that. I have a 3rd Dwarf Paladin there (only 87 levels to go, get outta the way) and am looking for a good crew to hang out in.

I am a mature friendly guy who says bad puns once in a while, and the occasional groaner joke. I think I'm a level 12 bad punner, but my groaner jokink is level 30ish.

IO have almost zero experience (1 week) with WoW but have played a steady 5 years in one other MMORPG. I am new to Ventrilo and Teamspeak but have both set up.

I am searching for a Mature, friendly crowd. Love of jokes, gaming conventions, renaissance faires, Faerie world events, painting, chess, music and art are all pluses. I never really became a great player on my other game, but I stocked up on gear and could stumble along after party leaders following instructions most of the time.

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