A Troll's Travels (IC journal entries)

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((I've decided to start keeping IC journal entries of this hunter as he makes his way across Azeroth. I'm also taking my own spin on the Ironman Challenge. He will only level via questing; no dungeons or BGs. He will only use gear from quest rewards. I will also see how far I can level him without dying. This should be quite an adventure, exploring the ENTIRE words of Azeroth and Outland as they were ment to be. Feel free to follow along and make comments if you like.))

Hey mon! I decided ta start keepin' a journal of my life now dat I'm of age and am startin' ta move out in da world. I passed my hunter trainin' tests today, at least da basic ones. Now dat I proved that I'm not gonna shoot myself in da foot or anyting, dey are startin' to entrust me wit responsibilities. I helped round up some lost lil raptors; dey had run off an were gettin' in a bit of trouble. Sadly, I also had da kill some adult raptors who been corrupted by da naga. It broke my heart but it had ta be done. Speaking of da naga, dere was a big battle wit dem today. Vol'jin was tired of tere troubles dey was causin' and led da battle against da queen. I helped keep da spirits at bay while da others took care of her. Sadly, a young druid I knew died in da battle. War aint as glamorous as some make it out ta be, but sometimes it be necessary. I'm about ta leave for my next assignment in Sen'jin village. Tis be da first time I ever leave the Isles for da mainland. I be excited an a bit nervous.
Tings went well in Sen'jin. I helped da local witch doctor gather some needed supplies. Lots of scorpids around the village, and dey HURT if ya get stung by dem. I also helped stop an Alliance threat. Dere are humans and dwarves trying ta set up base in Northwatch. I never seen dem up close before, and boy are dey funny looking. I destroyed dere supply crates, killed some of da soldiers, and burned da attack plans dey had for Sen'jin, Razor Hill, and Orgrimmar! Hopefully dat will set back da Alliance for awhile. I've now arrived in Razor Hill. I'm staying at da inn and am taking new assignments here. We'll see how dey go soon enough.
Well, I'm done wit all my assignments in Razor Hill. Dey sure kept me busy here. Dere was a flash flood near da Barrons border, and I helped rescue some of da people trapped in dere flooded homes. Da quillboars were taking advantage of da situation and had to be delt wit. I also had ta hunt down a rampaging raptor killing animals and letting dem rot in da sun or river. Da Alliance was trying to move into da ruins of Tiragardi Keep; I helped ta clear dem out. Da Burning Blade was also causing trouble in several nearby caves. Dey were all wearing collars containing demonic corruption. I'm now taking one of dem to da Barrens to investigate dis further.

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