<BiS>[A]10 LF Resto Sham, Disc, or Monk

Raid Times:
Tue/Wed/Sat: 7-10 PM Server (Pacific Standard Time)
We will usually go beyond our three hour scheduled raid time on Saturdays if we're particularly close to downing a boss, especially during heroic progression.

Classes Recruiting

These positions are FULL TIME. We expect at least 90% attendance. Being recruited does not mean you sit on the bench.

    Shaman of any spec
    Priest of any spec

What we are looking for in a player:
We try to stick to the mantra of "Bring the player not the class." This means that we recruit based off of skill, not what class you play. We are always looking for high-caliber players who preform well on a consistent basis and who seek to improve their gameplay whenever they can. We look for players who are dedicated and who are reliable. Lastly we look for players that we have fun raiding with and that are looking for a place to stay long term. If you feel like this describes you as a player, please don't hesitate to contact a
B i S recruitment officer.

About Us
<B i S> Is a close-knit community of friends who have been raiding together as far back as WotLK. This guild originated as a conglomerate of IRL friends on different servers who had a desire to raid together. We are looking to expand our membership and include new people in our group. We have fun raiding but still seek to make progression while doing so.

We are currently located on US-Tichondrius. We raid 10 man.

If you have any questions, please add ipwn1213@gmail.com or ninjagoat15@yahoo.com to Real ID.
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need subbbbbbs.
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Bump for casters
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i got a resto druid and a mage.. addme
please add ipwn1213@gmail.com or ninjagoat15@yahoo.com to Real ID
Do the subs form a 2nd core if they aren't invited to the main core? If so I may be interested in Warrior(or druid) tanking, ranged dps, or healing. I have a lvl 80+ of every class.
Yes, we are indirectly in the process of forming a second team, but currently our main concern is having members in the guild capable of filling in for any core raiders incapable of making a certain raid.

This is also allows for subs and members of the second team to gain a core spot in the event that someone is under performing or has inconsistent attendance.
In need of a mage, warlock, or hunter for core team. Raiding next week!
Bump for DPS!
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I'm interested, but it's hard to find anyone I can talk to online. If any recruiting officer is online, please contact me.
UPDATE: In need of healer starting right away. Please Send tells!

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