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Emerald Dream
Are you a gnome looking for a home? Do you want to be a part of something big?!

Operation Gnomeregan needs you to expand our unstoppable Gnomish Army!

We're looking for gnomes of all levels and capabilities to defend the honor of Gnomeregean and fight for the Alliance. You will be part of a tight knit network devoted to defeating the horde and fighting to take back our city! Whether it is supporting you out in the world or sharing resources to fund your expensive engineering projects - the gnomies have your back!

Off and away!

((For more information visit: www.gnomeops.org))
I don't always cavort with gnomes...
but when I do, I prefer OG.

(Bump for Winslo and a really cool guild!)
Its time to go gnome.
short stuff coming through!!
Go gnome or go home!

(Yeah, that means you, Pandas!!!!)
My name is Elzabeth P. Fizzlebottom and I approve this message.

Operation Gnomeregan gnomes are some good quality gnomes!
Do you guys recruit people from oceanic timezones? I'm planning to roll a gnome character here
Fennris, all gnomes are welcome to join the cause. The majority of our players are on evenings here, CST, though.

For more information, you're welcome to do a /who and whisper any of us gnomies.

For Gnomeregan! *gnomefist*
bump for gnome-love! bow-chicka-bow-bow! *gnomefist*
bump for gnome pride! *gnomefist*
bump for the lesser quality of short people.
bump for the higher quality of short people

Fixed, Biooh. Gno gneed to thank me, of course.

BTW, OG's gnow Level 20. Gnomes FTW! *gnomefist*
A deserved /bump to my gnomies!

bump to celebrate! OG's now 23! *gnomefist*
OG's got more, now 24!

Way to go, gnomies! *gnomefist*
Go gnome, or go home! *gnomefist*
Winslo, now that I am able to speak Gnomish, I can become an honorary gnome.. yes?

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