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Since the last WoW patch I have not been able to pin WoW, Starcraft II, and Diablo III to my start menu. Pinning each one just replaces the one currently pinned. Is there some trick to get them all pinned now to the Windows 7 start menu?
I am also having this happen to me. I have Windows 7 64-bit. The pc is only months old, buying it in June 2012. I had at one point Starcraft 2, WoW and Diablo 3 pinned to my start menu. It was something new since this is my first Windows 7 experience. I then unpinned them and forgot about it. All prior to the madness that is 5.0.4

Today, around 5am, I decided to play some SC2 and since I didnt play it much after installing it, apparently there was an optimization.
So I began to mess around with pinning stuff to my taskbar and start menu. I pinned Diablo 3 to my Start Menu and my taskbar and it works fine. I go to pin WoW to the start menu and it says I can only Unpin it. Same went for Starcraft 2.

So I decide to try pinning them to my taskbar. I decide to reverse the order up and start with WoW. It pins fine to the taskbar. I go to try Starcraft 2, and it shows that I can only unpin it. Same for Diablo 3.
Now I can force pin them all to the taskbar after one is already pinned, by dragging them down to it and waiting for the tooltip to come up that says 'pin to taskbar'.

And as a small observation, before Starcraft 2 got to the second phase, the yellow part of the optimization, I was able to have it and either D3 or WoW pinnned to both the Taskbar and Start Menu at the same time. But as soon as I allowed the software to make changes to my comp (something along the lines of making the changes), all three games became linked as one when I tried to pin them.

Why, before WoW hit 5.0.4 + D3 its latest update + SC2 getting its optimization, were each game able to be pinned to the Start Menu and Taskbar seperately and not now? Sure, its not a game breaking thing, but it is software related it seems. Is it related to the hidden folder?
I also just noticed that on the recently opened programs section on the Start Menu, that it will only show 1 of the 3 games at any given time, even if I have just played all three in a row.

So, if I play WoW first, it will show. Then I play D3, it wont show...till after I delete WoW from the list. And the same goes for SC2. Doesn't matter what order they are played in, it will just only show the first one played till its removed.

This wasn't happening pre-5.0.4 as each icon of the game was shown at the same time.
Having this same issue, would like to be able to fix it.
Add me to the list, just installed Win7x64 on this computer yesterday and have WoW fully installed and SC2 says playable.
I havent had this problem. hmm. im running windows 7 ultimate 64bit
This thread from the d3 forums fixed this issue for me.

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