Shadow Templar Recruiting for 10man

ST is a small tight knit crew newly transferred from Galakrond. The guilds troops are experienced, knowledgeable and altoholics. Most of the members have 4+ max characters. We believe in TEAM, and having a good time. SKILL > Gear is absolute to us. We continually try to improve and push each other to improve, sharing information and tactics.

Quarterly LAN parties
Guild contests
mount / achieve runs
guild repairs / flasks / feasts

contact me here or in-game for an invite.

Why did we transfer?
Action, There is always something to do on Stormrage, Galakrond is moving up the ranks, but is generally inactive for the things ST likes to do. Stormrage was scouted and found to be quite excellent place to grab a new beginning - come be part of something special - make friends and progress your game!

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