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As others have said, Enter the Dragon. One has not watched kung-fu until one watches Enter the Dragon.
Fists of the White Lotus
Five Fingers of Death
Five Deadly Venoms
The Kid with the Golden Arm
Chinese Super Ninjas (aka Five Element Ninja)
Born Invincible
Executioner from Shaolin
The 36th Chamber (aka Shaolin Master Killer)
Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
3 Evil Masters

And, of course, Bruce Lee's stuff:
Enter the Dragon
Way of the Dragon
The Fist of Fury
The Big Boss
Kung Fu Hustle.
Watch it.
Moon Warriors
Blade Of The Rose
Shaolin vs Llama
5 Deadly Venoms
Dirty Ho
Fong Sai Yuk (series)
Iron Monkey
09/09/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Garsid
Fist of the North Star

That isn't really Martial Arts.

That's more "People exploding when things touch them."

^ lul
Please also buy the old Martial Arts movies from Amazon. The more you buy the more you help keep them in print. If the HK/TW/CN movie studios see business from overseas there's a better chance they'll bring them overseas for you, or even show them on the big screen sooner. Otherwise you'll have to wait a year for the US release after the China release, if it is even released at all.
i got the roku as part of a anniversary present recently which is pretty much a little box used to stream internet to your t.v

they have a free channel that shows just old school kung fu movies along with other channels that show martial arts stuff for free. amazon is nice but you have to be a member and pay for those. i admit some of it is pretty cheesy but still good imo.

bty i loved red cliff and have been waiting for the next 3 to come out. i have seen a commercial for the nxt three or second installment if you wish but have yet to find it anywheres. anyone know what's up with that?
K I just gotta ask... who reported the OP and why?
Go watch jet Li kiss of the dragon...awsome movie
I'm a hardcore Tony Jaa fan.

Ong Bak and the Protector are my favs.

Ong bak 2 and 3 had great action but were a bit too odd for me.
Legend of Eagle shooting heroes TV series

fantastic series with great characters and some really cool Kung Fu
anything by jackie chan

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