Vanilla PvP Achievement not account wide

I was just wondering if blue has addressed this issue. They did state that they didn't want us to be forced to play a certain toon because of their achievements. I would like to play my shaman but he doesn't have my champion achievement. I would also like a pony. Thanks!
Anyone else feel this way?
Check your Feats of Strength, I'm not sure, but I think the you can't wear the titles on all your toons.
I feel ya, I have lt.general on my lock and I dont get it on my hunter just FoS. All i wanted is access to hwl gear for hunter since it's my main now instead of lock. But during Beta I played I was able to get title but not access to hwl, in retail wow right now, I seem cant touch title either.

I guess soon or later they might will fix it? Who know, I still would love to see us able to access to hwl/gm gear D:
They've (the devs) said in a few blue posts and various Q&As that the pvp titles and mounts will stay toon specific.
I feel the same. I wish they were account wide, those titles are the only reason I still have those alts. I have 3 different characters with different vanilla titles, and they're all warriors. What am I going to do with 3 warriors?!
The fos' are account wide. Titles are not.
Not like if they were account wide they would seperate you from people who got them from rbgs.
feel the same way =\ idk why they aren't account wide apparently blizzard feels like grinding every day for weeks didn't make us earn it =\

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