H) DK LF MoP Guild. (player since 06)

I am looking for A guild to join to raid with in MoP (If your guild runs RBGS that is A plus)
I just faction changed and came back to this toon and I don't know many guilds on this realm. A little bit to know.

-Can tank or DPS no complaints either way

-If I am joining your Guild I plan on be core raider or at minimum trialing for the position of need.

-I have been playing since 06
-Raided all content at up until half way through Naxx(warrior)
-Rank 14 warrior as well.
-Cleared through BT/Hyjal. Took A break after this.(Shaman)
-Cleared content between my DK/Rogue
LV 85
-5/8 Hard mode DS -Probably my least motivated xpack to raid in.

Finally, I am A huge pvp player. If the guild runs a 2k+ RBG team that alone would interest me as well.

Thank you for viewing my post. Please feel free to contact me here or in game, I will check this post often.

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