[A] <Force> - A New Korgath Social/Raid Guild

<Force> is a new guild here on Korgath, bridging a gap from a group of top-tier raiders that have been away from the game into the new Mists of Pandaria content.

At this time, we are opening recruitment to any interested players. We're just starting out, so the guild is only level 5 and resources are not widely available yet (the guild bank permissions will be opened up come MoP).

What we're looking for is a group of skilled, analytical, friendly, adult players, preferably that have the flexibility to play a couple of nights a week. We won't commit to a static schedule at this time, but we'll likely do progression raids on anywhere from 1-3 weeknights as demand dictates.

For an invite to the guild, contact any online member and they can put you in touch with myself or an officer. We'll flesh out the roster and see how we're built for MoP before we tighten up recruitment requirements, so if you're looking to get in at the ground level with a team of people that are talented and really enjoy the game, this is your chance!

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