<Lapsus Alumni> Level 21 [A]

Hello there and good day to all, we just got some ponies and biscuits and were thinking about sharing them. Whisper me if interested. 500g joining fee.
No I kid :3. We are a level 21 guild looking for active level 85 pvp/pve oriented players.

On another note, we are looking to do a lot of pvp/pve in MoP. With the release just around the corner we are looking for veteran WoW players to lead our pvp/raid groups.

Plenty of players have asked me if we are an RP guild but sadly the players in the guild are too busy questing/gearing to RP. I am also looking for RP manager so that we may establish presence in the Ravenholdt RP community (At the moment I am referring all roleplayers to Twilight Empire and House Ravensong)
Latin names are bad and overused and you should feel bad.

EDIT: Lol joining fee
Well our latin name translates to Error Made, which is an intended play on all other latin named guilds. This way when someone googles our name, all they find is "error made"
I was wondering what that had to do with anything but then I remembered she was a 'worker' too lol
<eyes Renaldo intently>

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