[H] Drunk in Public LFM 25s MoP T/Th

Guild Recruitment
Executive Summary (For the TLDR’rs out there):

DiP Website http://dip.enjin.com
Raid Schedule: Tues and Thurs 8:30-11:30PM EST/Server
Content: 25m MoP Raids
Heals: Holy Paladin preferred
Tank: Death Knight or druid w/ strong off spec
DPS: Various DPS (space is limited)
Current Progression: 6/6 MV (25s)
Who is DiP? Transferred guild of veteran players looking for talent on Zul’jin

Long Version:

Drunk in Public (DiP) core purpose is to conduct FOCUSED, LIMITED-SCHEDULE RAIDING. The secondary goal is to create a laid-back, fun-loving community where members can organize additional activities and enjoy the game together. The guild aspires to give sanctuary to former hardcore players who may have found that their real-life progression into adulthood, careers, marriage, and/or parenthood just doesn't play nicely with a hardcore schedule. The desire to see the content and achieve success as part of a team dies quite hard, so we aim to do as much as we can within a schedule that allows.

DiP is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that recently transferred guild from a lower population server. We are group of adult players who enjoy every aspect of the game but do not have the time to devote to a hard-core raiding guild. We are comprised of former top world guild players, gladiators, etc. Our members can regularly be found in ranking among top world players via WoLs. Due to recruiting restraints of a lower population server DiP decided to move some of its core members to Zul’jin to continue the guilds goals/philosophy with a larger and more skilled player base.

The raid schedule is currently TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS from 8:30PM TO 11:30PM EST. As our schedule is limited, raiders are expected to come prepared, pay attention, and to give 100% effort 100% of the time. There is simply no time to screw around. Guild resources (gold, materials, voip) will be used to support raid team activities as much as possible.

DiP is currently accepting applications for skilled/experienced raiders for ALL raid roles in preparation 25 man raiding in MoP. However, we are actively seeking the roles listed above. Potential raiders must submit an application to http://dip.enjin.com

Social Members:
Drunk in Public welcomes social members, though some basic rules of decorum will be enforced. There are sections of the forums for social members. Please speak to any member of DiP for a social member invite.
hahaha I beat Ceronys on a recruit bump!?!?
Wait he still hasn't? Is he ok?
I'm starting to get worried !
Thoroughly! But on to cheery thoughts. How are those turtle beaches treating you vulp?
I think Ceronys doesnt have time anymore for bumbing, he's looking to beat my transmog...
I like Fatty's lil orange goblin :)
the hunter mog karo? that will be difficult
It's a red goblin!
i forgot about this one. sorry my bad. 50 dkp minus?
More than one word
Yet another sign of lazy
Still bad is bad bad bad
zip you lied!! 1 minute my left, er, foot
with your shiny new pc it was 30 seconds?
so how long it take to reload masdots?
5 seconds . lucky !@#$er
One mo day!!!
Socials are welcome too--all levels! Enjoy level 25 guild perks!

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