Sacred Shield VS. Eternal Flame

The other Hpal in my guild and I have done testing with EF and SS in ToT. We have found that for our healing comp we get the best results using LoD over EF/WoG for most of the encounters.. In situations like this we found it is better to use SS over EF as you will see more healing from LoD and SS combined. For example: Heroic Megaera and Heroic Iron Qon.

We find on fights like Heroic Tortos and normal Animas that EF becomes superior to LoD. It really comes down to your healing comp and what works best for you and you raid.
Ill use LoD every now and then if I know some aoe dmg is coming out to make sure everyone has shields but other than that I'm just EF blanketing the raid for max coverage and tank heals. Toss out a flash or divine light here and there.

Edit: 25man PoV
Eternal flame 100% always because sacred shield isnt near as good as eternal with all the illuminated healing plus the heals that heal the beacon
hmm idk sacred shield got buffed
03/18/2015 11:01 PMPosted by Ultimecìa
hmm idk sacred shield got buffed

dat necro
The last post in this thread was 2 years ago. But if you're wondering, EF is still definitely the go to talent. especially with 4 set.

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