Rate the transmog of the priest above you

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I've been working a long time at this one, only just recently got boots and gloves that go with it. I think the only way I could improve it more would be to get the right belt for the set, from Illidari Council.
09/08/2012 04:58 PMPosted by Austicle

Sweet set! 9.5
Amazing, 10/10 ^
Argg matees'

Oops, meant to post on this priest :(
Looks good! 8.5/10
@Vordea, yay t6! 8/10 (only b/c I like mix-match sets a bit more). Priests have some of the best transmogs!

@maladie, love that set 9/10! That robe is one of my favorite. I have a whole set in mogit for it. I have so many outfits I can't possibly wear them all haha.
I always feel bad rating people because FEELINGS!, but I like that hood Cinner, I should look into getting it.

s1 set seems like the only thing that matches with my Defilers Tabard.
@Merciless, 10/10, I really like the green look, and it matches your crazy hair :)
yeah, I love that hair style and color. It makes it look like bones.
@Deyva 8/10 great look. The colors natch well but I feel like the priest hood is everywhere. Awesome mod though
Very nice. The colors match well, which is important.

Did you make it using the mod, "mogit"?
Did not use mogit. Got the goggles through a quest and just ran with green and purple after that. Thanks.
idk why, but those goggles make that set look good/intimidating lol. I'm not liking the green, but ill give it a 8/10

no bias here...
7/10, not for the look, just lack of creativity.

Tried to create a unique set using non-tier pieces.
10/10 ....i may have to steal that from you

my pose doesnt to my transmog justice

.... i may have to steal that from you

The shoulders were a PAIN to find. BT runs, waiting for the tailoring pattern to drop then gathering all the mats. Definitely worth it but still. You're more than welcome to! :D

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