Rate the transmog of the priest above you

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I say 9/10. The color coordination is very well-done, and that matters a lot to me. The (unseen) staff even matches your hair. Also, you used no less than five pieces that I either used in my previous set, or considered using, so you get points for excellent taste. :P

You lose only one point for big WoW-style shoulders, which I always hate, and for your lack of sleeves, which makes me feel cold to look at. Especially with the icy color of your clothes.


I decided to finally post in one of these threads, since I think I've managed to finish this set for my priest.

I went for a night-sky theme, with dark blue and silver, and pieces that were not too bulky. I used only one tier piece (regrettably it had to be the largest piece, but there are very few dark blue robes), and only two of my pieces (shoes and belt) are from the same transmog set.

My staff (Tower of the Mouldering Corpse) isn't visible, which is unfortunate because it was one of the harder pieces to get and it matches perfectly.
Icpitl 10/10 for achieving that crazy little gnome caster look lol! matching colors is a big part of transmog so you nailed it.
Before anyone says anything - I know my set isn't the most original but I basically made a priest just for this tier, so i'm gonna show that sheit off lol. My weapon and tome match nicely.. unfortunate that it can't be viewed.
5/10 for a man in a dress. 10/10 if you were female
10/10 Amend. Very lovely.

Aqua... I like aqua.

Aqua... I like aqua.

O...M...G... A Tauren priest and THAT getup? Man, if being a tauren priest doesn't get you noticed that outfit will. I do like extreme outfits though, soooo..


For creativity..
8/10 - I dig the purple and gold :)
We have the worst poses ever!


It's interesting, to say the least...
9/10, Really like the fallen priest of Lordaeron sort of thing that's going on.
9/10 zhiv, Very clever use of white, but the shoulders are a lil too gold for my liking
the helm doesnt realllly match the idea of the whole outfit but i love the warlock set so i'ma say its pretty C:

Pretty creative, coherent set.
I give it a 9/10, plus a bonus point for actually making sense with your armory pose.

You look like a mix of pimp and a super hero. 9/10


Zabra's was a decent looking set, and i think the colors make sense for a Tauren. Very Earthy.
^ 8/10

i like the color coordination

8/10, I'm not sure if it's on purpose but the shoulders don't match the rest of the outfit which is red from the profile I'm currently seeing

Mine is a WiP, so just subtract cloak and belt
Very nice.

Very nice.


8/10, looks like you had an accident with your shadowfiend ala The Fly.
10/10. Full score for originality and color scheme. Well done!

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